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June 24, 2011
+Birth of St. John the Baptist

The Visitation by El GrecoDear Friends of the Vocation Office:

In the gospel of Luke, the evangelist brilliantly illustrates the mission given to John the Baptist immediately after the account of Mary's visit from the Angel. Imagine: Mary traverses the hill country to be greeted from the womb of Elizabeth. John "leapt for joy" upon being in the presence of the Mother of God, and Elizabeth is "filled with the Holy Spirit." John the Baptist, thus, makes a statement of faith, serves as a conduit to Christ, and commits himself to the service of Christ's mission.

My sisters and brothers, John the Baptist and Elizabeth too positioned their heart and soul in this encounter with Jesus. And Mary recommits her response of "yes" to God. John the Baptist's birth serves as a reminder to all of us to position our hearts and souls toward Jesus. His memory reminds us that we too must herald Christ among us, and that we too must respond like Mary, like Elizabeth, like himself – to the mysterious and yet palpable call of Christ.

As we enter the summer months, I invite us to consider what we each can do to promote a vocation to the Society of Jesus. Consider asking a young man to contact the vocation office, to fill out the website form, or to have a conversation about the call to be a Jesuit brother or priest. My friends, "Be explicit!" This invitation mirrors the directness of faith with which John the Baptist ministered to God's people. May God bless us and keep us in these days of summer.

+Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam,

Fr. Charles A. Frederico, SJ
Tri-Province Vocation Director

Mark P. Fusco, S.J. Ordained to the Priesthood


Rev. Mark P. Fusco, SJ (MAR) was ordained to the priesthood June 11, 2011 at the University Church, Loyola University Maryland.

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Meet the Jesuits

Mr. Jim Donovan, SJ

Transitioning from Regency to Theology Studies

Jim Donovan, SJDespite the fact that I have changed communities and ministries every two years since I entered the Society of Jesus in 2004, I still don't handle transitions too well. The most recent transition was the move from regency to theology studies at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University at Berkeley. As with the other moves, it has had its challenges as well moments of grace . . . (Read more...)

Fr. Mark Scalese, SJ

A Reflection on Tertianship

Mark Scalese, SJBy far, both the center-piece and highlight of my tertianship was the Long Retreat. If our program had consisted of no other experience, it would have been a success for me. During those thirty days, my relationship with Jesus was deeply revitalized. I must confess that apart from my annual retreats, I could have been more attentive to prayer in the years after my ordination than I was. I allowed myself to focus on the "action" component of my Jesuit life more than the "contemplative." But during the Exercises, Jesus gently called me back to myself, to the deepest desires of my heart to be his friend and disciple . . . (Read more...)

Mr. Chris Grodecki, nSJ

A Reflection on Long Experiment

Chris Grodecki, nSJ"Mr. Grodecki, I just don't get it!" said the student as he walked into school one morning. "Why would you want to do this?" "This" was being a Jesuit novice. Every day for about three weeks, this student would continue with the same question and others about my discernment and decision to enter the novitiate and the beginning of Jesuit formation. For the student, and many of his peers at Washington Jesuit Academy, the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, were things they sincerely just couldn't understand why someone would want to do mostly because they didn't know anyone would lived like "this." The vows go against the things that our culture holds up as ideals, but I was at WJA to help teach religion—specifically Christianity—so it was unavoidable that I would be teaching not only by word but also by example . . . (Read more...)


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